Orlando Figueroa Hernandez
Dr. Figueroa for more than 20 years has been very active in the sports community as an Athletic Trainer for the national teams (Volleyball Masculine National Team, Basketball Masculine Team) Professional leagues in the same sports as well. Athletic Trainer Supervisor for Dr. Jose G. Amy Sanchez Sports Medicine Clinic for 16 years. The time of experience in those years gave to Dr Figueroa the direct contact with the athlete population and allow him to understand there needs and healthcare attention. The introduction of this new Chiro-Athletic model for the professional athletes and physically active people will be the tip of the iceberg towards a healthy community as well. As a professional Chiropractor he relates to each one of his patients with integrity, devotion, and compassion. Located in Dorado, PR his mission is to help in the process of regain function and improve the overall quality of life.